About Cardinal Bioresearch

Cardinal Bioresearch commenced operation in 2006 to fill an obvious need in the market and is now a leading provider of contract research services in Australia. Clinical researchers need a high quality, economical and efficient dedicated service laboratory flexible enough to meet the needs of cutting edge research. Pathology laboratories offer high quality results but research samples are often not a priority and novel assays are either not offered or at best delayed. Smaller university laboratories offer the flexibility but sometimes at the expense of quality control.

At Cardinal Bioresearch, our aim is to contribute to scientific research by doing what we do best; bioassays. By focusing on this strength we not only use our expertise to give our clients a competitive edge, but we also contribute to the overall research effort by utilising precious research funding in the most cost efficient way.

More recently, we have broadened our product and services range to include clinical biomarkers, nucleic acid based assays, intracellular signaling assays and point of care tests. Our life science products include one of the world’s largest range of Immunoassays, innovative molecular tests and clinical point of care products.

We are able to offer expert support for our customers because we use and understand the assays we sell. Although our services are suited for large-scale projects, we cater for small targeted pilot studies as well. Use of the latest LUMINEX technology and robotics allows us to offer an extremely cost-effective service for you while only requiring a small sample.


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